Class 10 Social Science Question Paper 2023

Dear Readers, Today we are going to share the Class 10 Social Science Question Paper 2023 PDF Download for all of you. CBSE 2023 Exams 10 and 12 have been conducted by the Central Board of secondary education from 15 February.

Earlier, the CBSE board published the CBSE class 10 sample paper 2023 subject paper 2023 PDF is available on their official website ( and

Students who are going to appear for CBSE Class 10 2023 Exams can easily solve CBSE Class 10 2023 sample papers for all subjects including English, Science, Maths, Social Science, and other subjects through our article, which will be very beneficial.

Class 10 Social Science Question Paper 2023 PDF – Overview

  1. The question paper comprises Six section – A, B, C, D, E, and F. There are 37 questions in the question paper. All questions are compulsory.
  2.  Section A – From Questions 1 to 20 is MSQ of 1 mark each.
  3.  Section B – Questions no. 21 to 24 are very short Answer Type Questions, carrying 2 marks each question should not exceed 40 words.
  4.  Section C – contains Q. 25 to Q.29 are short Answer Type Questions, Carrying 3 marks each. The answer to each question should not exceed 60 words.
  5. Section D – Questions no. 30 to 33 are long answer-type questions, carrying 5 marks each. The answer to each question should not exceed 120 words.
  6. Section E -Questions no. 34 to 36 are case-based with three sub-question and are of 4 marks each.


Class 10 Social Science Question Paper – MCQs

1) What helped in the colonization of Asian and African countries? Identify the correct statement from the following options.

  1. Intergovernmental policies for the expansion of trade
  2. Governmental invite to the mother countries for expansion
  3. Technology, investments, and improvement in transport
  4. Capitalists of these regions wanted to trade with colonial powers

2) Which of the following newspaper was started by Bal Gangadhar Tilak?

  1. Hindu
  2. Kesari
  3. Sudharak
  4. Pratap

3) Who among the following was the author of the book ‘Gita Govind’?

  1. Tulsidas
  2. Surdas
  3. Jayadev
  4. Raidas

4) Arrange the following in chronological order:

I. Print culture created the conditions for the French Revolution

II. Martin Luther’s writings led to the beginning of the Protestant Reformation

III. Menocchio reinterpreted the message of the Bible

IV. Johann Gutenberg invented the Printing press


  1. III, II, I & IV
  2. I, II, III & IV
  3. IV, III, II & I
  4. IV, II, III & I

5) Identify the crop with the help of the following information

It is a crop that is used both as food and fodder.

It is a Kharif crop that requires a temperature between 21°C to 27°C.

It grows well in old alluvial soil.

The use of modern inputs has contributed to the increasing production of this crop.


  1. Wheat
  2. Maize
  3. Rice
  4. Sugarcane

6) Which of the following description of forest is NOT correct?

  1. Reserved Forest -Reservation of more than half of forests
  2. Protected Forest- Reservation of 1/3 of the forests
  3. Unclassed Forest-Reservation of forest under govt. and private individuals
  4. Permanent Forest-Reserved and unclassed forest for the production of timber

7) Consider the following statements regarding power-sharing arrangements in Belgium and identify the incorrect one from the following: 

  1. An equal number of members from Dutch and French communities in the central government
  2. Separate government for Brussels with equal representation of communities
  3. The state government is to be subordinate to the central government
  4. Community government elected by people belonging to one language community

8) Which one of the following subjects comes under the legislation of the Centre and State in India?

  1. Education
  2. Forests
  3. Banking
  4. Trade

 9) Which of the following statement is true regarding Feminist Movements? 

  1. A group that favours giving more power to working women at the rural and urban levels.
  2. A movement that believes in giving exclusive rights to females in urban areas.
  3. Radical women’s movements aimed at equality in personal and family life as well.
  4. It is the practice of placing a feminine and masculine point of view in decision-making.

10) There are two statements marked as Assertion (A) and Reason (R). Mark your answer as per the codes provided below: 

Assertion (A): Democracy is an accountable, responsive, and legitimate government

Reason (R): Democracies have regular, free, and fair elections and decision-making is based on norms and procedures 

  1. Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A.
  2. Both A and R are true but R is not the correct explanation of A.
  3. A is true but R is false.
  4. A is false but R is true.

11) Which one of the following religions was protected and fostered by Sri Lankans in their constitution? 

  1. Christianity
  2. Hinduism
  3. Buddhism
  4. Islam

12) Find the odd one out from the following options: 

  1. Tourist Guide, Barber, Tailor, and Potter
  2. Teacher, Doctor, Vegetable Vendor, and Lawyer
  3. Postman, Cobbler, Soldier, and Police Constable
  4. Indian Railways, Jet Airways, Doordarshan, and Metro 

13) Read the information given below and select the correct option 

Rohan has taken a loan of Rs.5 lakhs from the bank to purchase a house at a 12% rate of interest.

He has to submit papers about the new house and salary records to the bank. What is this process called? 

  1. Interest Rate
  2. Collateral
  3. Principal Amount
  4. Installments

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